Understanding Closures

Understanding Closures

What is a hair closure?

A closure is a hair piece that is usually made of lace or silk, although lace is the far more common choice. The hair piece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter in order to help protect your hair and improve its look.


What is a closure in hair?

Lace closure is smaller than lace frontal. Closures, for those who are unfamiliar, are special hair units in which individual hair strands are attached (usually hand-tied) to a piece of material, most commonly lace or silk. ... With partial weaves, an area of the person's hair is left out to cover the tracks sewn down to the rest of the hair.

What is a lace closure for?

Lace Closures are a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline.

What is a frontal weave?

A lace frontal can be used to create an ear to ear hairline. We offer 5 by 5 closures on all bundled hair excluding the colored hair collection. All Colored hair will come with a 4 by 4 closure or 13 by 6 Frontal

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